Ambient Music (Loops): Bluesy Loop n°1

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A 50-seconds loop of ambient music in a bluesy style, with a couple of guitars and some drums. By buying this, you'll get a few variations of the loop and all the separate tracks to remix them to your liking!

Want a preview of the track? Listen to the "full" loop for free! :)


  1. full loop: all tracks are enabled
  2. base loop: the lead guitar track is disabled
  3. drums track
  4. guitar lead track
  5. guitar rhythm track
  6. guitar harmonics track
  7. guitar bass track

Terms of use

  • Please include credits if you use this track in one of your projects - thanks!Music by Mina Pêcheux - Discover more at:
  • Other than that: you can use, modify or remix this music in any way you'd like, and use it for any of your clips, short movies, video games, etc.
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A 50"-bluesy ambient loop with guitars & drums

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Ambient Music (Loops): Bluesy Loop n°1

0 ratings
I want this!