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Let's make a RTS game in Unity/C#!

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Learn the basics of making a game in Unity/C# by creating a simple real-time strategy (RTS) game prototype, step-by-step :)

In these tutorials, you'll gradually discover and build a wide variety of systems: building placement, units with a basic AI using behaviour trees, cameras, a fog of war, VFX, sounds and music, tech trees, editor tools...

About the ebook

This ebook is a compilation of the 52 tutorials + 4 interludes I posted throughout 2021 and 2022, plus several completely original bonus articles about game dev & design, additional resources or even unique code snippets with more advanced versions of the tutorial scripts.

Boost your RTS prototype with sample 3D and 2D assets!

And if you want to give a special touch to your RTS, check out the tier 2 and tier 3 packages with 3D models (both static buildings/environment doodads and animated characters) and simple UI sets (with backgrounds, input marks and 40 icons)!

These various resources will allow you to quickly import basic game-ready buildings, characters and environment props, and also to design simple UIs in a "cartoonish" wood style, or a pixel-art style. Check out the screenshots above for some examples and the READMEs for more info on the packages contents and formats :)

Note: if you buy Tier 2 or Tier 3, you'll be free to use the assets in all your projects as long as you credit me!

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An ebook (and more!) to learn how to make a RTS game in Unity/C#

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Let's make a RTS game in Unity/C#!

17 ratings
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