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Exploring Game AI Essentials

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Do you want to bring your NPCs, mobs and bosses to life? Are you curious to learn the classic tools of the game AI developer? Are you looking for a concise summary of the fundamentals of the domain in just 100 pages? Then this book might just be the right one for you!

Key Features

  • Discover the core tools of game AI, where they come from, and why we use them.
  • Focus on the theory, and re-apply those design ideas to your favourite tool!
  • Dive even deeper with many references to papers, conferences, thesis and videos :)


  1. This book is adapted from my previous title: Boost your Unity/C#: AI Programming. If you've already bought this other book, then buying this one is just a nice way to support me, but you won't get new content :)
  2. If you can't access some of the online PDFs referenced in the book, don't hesitate to check out older versions on the Wayback Machine (!

What's this book about?

From finite state machines to behaviour trees, planners and utility-based AI, Exploring Game AI Essentials takes you through all the theoretical must-know of the field :)

And here, we won’t use any particular game engine or programming language – the goal will be to provide with your generic theory that you can then re-apply to your tool of choice. So you’ll get a brief history of the domain, the what and the why for each technique, direct references to papers/conferences/thesis to go further, plenty of diagrams and nice screenshots, right down to design ideas to help you use those tools in all your future game projects!

So whether you're looking to level up your game development skills or simply curious about the inner workings of AI in games, check out this book to jumpstart your journey into the exciting realm of game AI…

Table of Contents

  1. AI in games
  2. What are FSMs?
  3. Upgrading your finite state machines
  4. Understanding behaviour trees
  5. The reverse-thinking of planners
  6. Discovering utility-based AI
  7. Expanding your horizons
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Exploring Game AI Essentials

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