L'Almanach: Mini-3D RPG

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Ever wanted to make your very own 3D RPG game? Curious to learn how you could create this kind of game in Godot 4 and C#? Then this book might just be the right one for you!

Checkout the Github repo for free :) - https://github.com/MinaPecheux/godot-tutorials

L'Almanach: Mini-3D RPG is a quick and concise read that explores the basic 3D tools of Godot 4. In less than 200 pages, you'll learn about 3D character controllers, environment dynamism, third-person cameras, minimaps and multi-viewports, AI-powered enemies... and more!

Plus, the book offers clean code snippets, a reference Github repository for all the demos shown in the book and video versions for most of the tutorials - so if you're a multimedia learner, you're covered :)

So if you're a 3D game dev who's new to Godot 4, or you want to learn some extra Godot tricks for your future 3D projects, go ahead and join me on this adventure...

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L'Almanach: Mini-3D RPG

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