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L'Almanach: Getting Started

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Are you curious to discover Godot 4? Do you want to learn the basics of this famous free and open-source game engine? Are you looking for a practical quickstart guide to using C# in Godot 4 to create your next game project? Then this book might just be the right one for you!

Checkout the Github repo for free :) -

L'Almanach: Getting Started is a quick and concise read that takes you through the fundamentals of making games in Godot 4. In less than 100 pages, you'll learn the basics of creating scenes in Godot, scripting C# logic to bring them to life, designing simple UIs and implementing a full game loop.

Actually, you know what? By the end of this book, you'll even have made your very own re-implementation of the classical tic-tac-toe game!

Plus, the book offers clean code snippets, a reference Github repository for all the demos shown in the book and video versions for most of the tutorials - so if you're a multimedia learner, you're covered :)

So if you're a game dev who's new to Godot 4, or if you're a seasoned C# programmer looking for a quick summary of how to use it in this game engine, go ahead and join me on this adventure...

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L'Almanach: Getting Started

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